Who can use Rielcoin

Any interested participant can be a part of the RIELCOIN network and community. Rielcoin
has no institutional or investors ownership. Original developer and creator renounced to his
ownership and Rielcoin is now a fully community-owned token. This is enabling Rielcoin to
build a global brand of a safe, trusted, fair, border-less and friction-less, gas-free
cryptocurrency combining Store-of-Value and passive income. Rielcoin has been fully audited
and declared safe.


Safety and protection of token holders is the number 1 priority for the RIELCOIN community
and development team and necessary security measures are in place to ensure this is achieved.
Some of which are:
– Ownership renounced
– First Audit completed with top results
– Second Audit in progress
These mechanisms are suitable as a way of giving users the needed assurance to invest in the
network. More features are currently being developed for the efficacy of the platform.

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