Withdraw RIC ICO to Wallet

Rielcoin ICO token sales stage1, stage2, stage3, end one 15/05/2021. You can request submit withdraw RIC ICO to your wallet .

Rielcoin for submit withdraw support BEP-20 wallet address only. Wallet support and create wallet rielcoin address here.

How to Submit Withdraw

  1. Login account ico app app.rielcoin.orgLoginYour account
  2. DashboardReceiving WalletADD 

3. Pass Your address Pass BEP-20 AddressAdd Wallet

Update New Address Wallet

  1. Login account ico app app.rielcoin.orgLoginYour account
  2. Click to  EditRequest for changePass New Address.Request for Update Wallet

Withdraw successfully your account ico Suspend. If you have problem with withdraw contact to https://t.me/rielcoinofficial and https://t.me/Wilson_ric for customer support.

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